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What is a template?

Templates are paper representations of the dimensions of the recess in which you will be installing our product. This template will be required to manufacture your odd-shaped entrance mat or grid.

Click here if you have an odd-shaped mat.

A factory technician is available for template preparation ensuring a proper fit of your odd-shaped requirement and can be scheduled after all criteria on the above checklist has been met. This service should be requested at the time of price request so that charges can be included in the price.

If you choose to prepare the template yourself, request a template kit which will include:

  • reinforced craft paper
  • 2" masking tape
  • reusable box for return of template
  • return label
  • the following instructions:

Template Preparation Kit Instructions

Figure 1


Please find enclosed the paper and tape you will need to make the template required to manufacture your entrance mat or grid. First start by laying the reinforced template paper in the recess or in the area that the unit is to be placed. Extend the paper past the recess 6 to allow cutting to fit later. Overlap the paper approximately 6 (do not butt paper together). Use the 2 tape included to affix the second piece to the first as shown in [Figure 1].

Figure 2


Once the paper is all laid out, place hash marks across the overlaps to aid in lining up and matching up the template pieces during assembly at the factory as seen in [Figure 2]. This will ensure the template is assembled in the same manor at our factory as made in the field. See below. If multiple pieces of paper are used, please mark each section separately to identify the order. (ex. A, B, C, etc), if possible please include a sketch of the orientation of the sections and mark numbers.

After the template has been assembled and cut to fit the pit area, there is other important information that should be included to prevent any delays for fabrication. This may include all or some of the following:

  1. Please indicate if frame is installed and template is inside of frame or if template is made to pit.
  2. Figure 3


  3. TRAFFIC DIRECTION: [Figure 3]
    This indicates the direction of traffic flow to ensure our rails and carpet strips are placed perpendicular to this flow.
    If the unit exceeds the maximum width of 12, a split location must be noted on the template. Splits are joints where the mat or grid sections butt. We suggest locating splits away from heavy traffic areas.
  5. JOB NAME:
    If paper work is lost during shipment, C/S will know what project this template belongs to. If the C/S Job # is known, this would also be very helpful.
    If questions arise, we would be able to contact the right person without delays.

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Once all steps above have been completed, the template can now be broken down into its original 4 long roll as supplied. Use a sharp knife to cut the tape at the overlap locations. Once all tape has been cut, slide the pieces together for rolling into one 4 wide roll.
[Figure 5][Figure 6]

Please stack the paper so the reinforcement fibers in the paper are all running the same direction. This will prevent wrinkling from occurring. These wrinkles could alter the overall size of the template.

Please roll the template up and mail back using the box the kit was sent in. PLEASE DO NOT FOLD THE TEMPLATE. This causes fold marks and creases again altering the size of the template.[Figure 7]

Please do not allow the template to get wet or gain moisture.

This template is an exact interpretation of the job site, so any discrepancies made into the template will be reflected into the finished mat or grid.

Please Return to:
Construction Specialties, Inc.
Entrance Flooring Dept.
6696 Route 405 Highway
P.O. Box 380
Muncy, PA. 17756