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Vacuum surface regularly with beater brush attachment to allow contact with various surfaces of entrance flooring.

Before deep cleaning the surface, roll unit back to remove dirt collected underneath as needed. (For grids, lift each section.) Dirt should be removed with a professional vacuum cleaner and should not be allowed to build up to the point where a level mat surface is affected.

Deep clean quarterly, by either of these methods: 1) Remove the unit to an area where it can cleaned with a powerwasher (on light setting to avoid carpet damage) OR 2) Shampoo the unit in place (soap/water extraction).

  • It is recommended that shampooing take place overnight to allow carpet fibers to dry thoroughly before heavy traffic resumes.
  • Suggestions for pre-treating the area prior to shampooing
    • Remove gum or other sticky substance by applying a commercial freeze spray to the affected area. This should allow the residue to break off easily.
    • For ground-in dirt showing in high traffic areas, add one cup of bleach per gallon of warm water and use stiff brush to pre-treat carpet fibers.
    • If aluminum needs cleaned, use stiff nylon bristle brush to clean with shampoo mixture prior to shampooing entire unit.
  • To achieve the most effective suction of the shampooer, run the wand perpendicular to the rails and not along the length of the carpet strips.

Replacement Inserts are Available.

Replacement inserts are available: Call 570-546-5941 for more information or contact your local representative.

Never Wheel Heavy Loads Over Grids.

Heavy loads wheeled over units will bend and damage the rails and supports under the grid. Heavy loads include cars, boats, forklifts, etc.

Manufacturer's Suggested Safe Rolling Load

  • PediTred LP G3 is 750lb per wheel
  • PediTred G4 is 1000lb per wheel
  • Pedigrid G1 is 400lb per wheel
  • Pedimat AA M2 and Pedimat M1 is 350lb per wheel

Heavy loads beyond this weight may damage the units, contributing to their premature failure or creating a tripping hazard.

Pedigrid Carpet Insert Replacement

Safety First.

Before you remove the unit(s) from the recess: ensure that the opening is either blocked off from pedestrian traffic, or is going to be safely accessed while you are proceeding with the carpet replacement.

You Will Need the Following Tools:

Utility knife, electric drill with 1/8" drill bit, hook-blade knife, pop rivet tool, vacuum cleaner, wiping rags and spray cleaner. We include the rivets. There should be at least twice as many rivets as there are rails in the grid or grid sections.

Step 1

Drill out the pop rivets at both ends of the rails using an electric drill and 1/8" drill bit; then turn the grid(s) over and slide or pull the old carpet out.

Step 2

After the old carpet inserts have been removed there will be a fair amount of dirt in the rail, particularly in the recess that holds the insert. All dirt must be removed to ensure the proper fit of the new insert and it will make the installation of the carpet much easier.

NOTE: Removal of dirt in the recess may be difficult. We recommend that you use a hook-blade knife and draw it along the recess.

Step 3

You are now ready to insert the new carpet material. Simply slide the insert through from one end of the rail to the other. If you find that there is too much resistance, you should clean the rail again using the hook-blade knife.


  • When installing carpet, ALWAYS INSTALL IN ONE DIRECTION. (Carpet installed in opposite direction can create a striped or light/dark effect.) Be sure that adjacent grid sections also have their carpet installed in the same direction to avoid a light/dark block effect.
  • ALLOW 1" TO 2" OF EXCESS INSERT AT THE ENDS OF EACH RAIL. You will trim this off AFTER you have secured both ends of the carpet with the rivets provided. This ensures uniform edges in the installed mat and saves you from "coming up short" on one end when you install the rivets.

Step 4

Vacuum the grid and thoroughly clean the recess into which the mat is to be installed.

Step 5

Replace unit in recess.

DesignStep Carpet

A proper preventive maintenance program is required to protect and prolong C/S DesignStep's appearance. The goal is to maximize long-term appearance retention. Vacuuming and spot cleaning should be performed by in-house custodial services.


Proper vacuuming using effective equipment is one of the most important parts of a total preventive maintenance program. The accumulation of dirt and grit can lead to premature aging and fiber damage.

Vacuuming Frequencies

High traffic: Every full work day.

Medium traffic: Every other workday.

Low traffic: Once a week.

Spot Cleaning

It is critical that spots be removed on a daily basis. Choose a spot remover that is proven to leave minimal amounts of residue on the fiber of the carpet.

  • Remove gum or other sticky substance by applying a commercial freeze spray to the affected area. This should allow the residue to break off easily.