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LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based, market—driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. The green building movement in the US has definitely grown over the past few years and CS has been at the forefront of this industry trend. If you are working on a LEED® project, please let CS know and we will provide you with the necessary documentation..

CS Mats and Grids may contribute to the following LEED® credits:

  • MR Credit 4, Recycled Content:
    CS sources materials with the highest possible recycled content for all Pedisystems products. Contact us for the most up-to-date recycled content percentages.
  • IEQ Credit 5, Pollutant Source Control:
    This credit requires designers to employ permanent entryway systems (grilles, grates, etc.) at least 10 ft. long to prevent dirt, water and particulate from entering the building at all high traffic entryways.
  • IEQ Credit 4.3, Low-Emitting Materials (Carpet Systems):
    Many CS Pedisystems meet California 1350 test standards for low VOCs, an approved equivalent to the CRI Green Label Plus certification. Passing this test also qualifies Pedisystems for use in Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) projects.
  • ID Pilot Credit 54: Avoidance of Chemicals of Concern:
    Increase the use of products and materials that disclose chemical ingredient data and reduce the concentrations of chemical contaminants that can damage air quality, human health, productivity and the environment.

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United States Green Building Council
Recipient of
Governor’s Award
the 2003 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence

CS Leed Documentation

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Beyond LEED:

ID Credit 1, PVC-Free materials

C2C Certified: