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Frame Option Information

3/4" Level Base

Level Base Frame

The level base frame is for new construction projects. This frame is used to ensure a level base for the proposed mat/grid. Using this frame solves problems with unleveled or bumpy substrates, which can cause service problems. During construction a block out is made (see block out definition below). At the time of mat/grid installation the frame is installed and a leveling screed is poured to the top of the frame's bottom leg.

Block Out

The block out is made of lumber prior to the concrete floor pour. The exact measurement of the mat/grid and its frame must be calculated and the lumber dimensions added to the outer dimensions.
At the time of installation of the mat/grid the lumber is removed and the frame is installed. After the frame has been installed there will be a gap in the block out area. The gap should be filled with a non-shrinking grout.