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Textured mat surface designed to combat dirt and debris
Interlocking tiles stay in place with hidden connectors
12” x 9” x 7/16” tiles available in black, brown or gray
Choose from over 20 carpet insert colors
Made from a recyclable, UV-resistant rubber compound
Helix® Z2 is a modular, snap-together tile system that is held down with hidden connectors. Our HZ2 model can be surface- or recess-mounted, providing exceptional protection to the rest of your interior. Slip resistant and durable, Helix Z2 is available in three colors with heavy-duty carpet inserts. Helix can handle rolling loads up to 600 pounds and stand up to the day-to-day demands of any facility.
Frame Options
Grid Colors



Z2 Carpet Colors

Sandstone [7304]

Raspberry [7307]

Hearty Moss [7319]

Castle Gray [7323]

Wrought Iron [7325]

Indigo [7312]

Sandbar [9303]

Gray Fox [9302]

Silverado [9301]

Burgundy [9309]

Mauve [9306]

Espresso [9305]

Midnight [9313]

Denim [9311]

Fern [9317]

Spruce [9316]

Blueberry [9314]

Slate [9322]

Pewter [9321]

Aqua [9318]

Graphite [9325]

Blue [9320]