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Serrated treads offer excellent cleaning action
1-13/16" deep aluminum rail is excellent for use indoors or out
Available in mill, anodic and powder coated finishes
400 lb per wheel rolling loads
2-year warranty
Pedigrid SA (G8) is our one-piece serrated aluminum version of the Pedigrid. Pedigrid SA lends itself to the hi-tech look of the stainless steel units, but at a much lower price. Because of its efficiency at scraping and collecting manufacturing dust and aluminum chips, this product is an excellent choice for industrial facilities where manufacturing and office areas intersect. The SA grid offers ample storage for dirt and moisture with its 1 13/16" deep rail. One inch EPDM cushions spaced 20" on center of the under rail protect the aluminum rails from clanging on the concrete pit surface. Pedigrid does not roll up, rather the grid sections are lifted out to expose the recessed pit for cleaning.
Frame Options
Anodized Finishes

Clear Anodized [C]